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What is an E.R.P ?

What is ERP - Future Kenya’s overview

Businesses in Kenya have used Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) solutions for Decades now. With development in business transactions, communication and infrastructure, our businesses have far better penetration today as they did before, and the widespread use of accounting and ERP solutions have played a key role in this transition. Some look for a basic Accounting software, some look for a business management software aiming for cost efficiency and business efficiency. Technological developments have changed the way in which we operate, which means that Kenya, more so the manufacturing sector must keep up with these trends, in order to attain its contribution to the economy and not get left behind in today’s rapidly advancing business environment.

What is ERP?

Simply put ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, it is a shared, centralized database that serves as a hub for the entire enterprise. ERP software is comprised of powerful and strategic business process management tools that integrates and automates several internal and external business processes such as Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Production Management, Business Intelligence, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Point-of-Sale (POS), eCommerce and many more.

Benefits of an ERP System

Implementing an ERP system can revolutionize the way that you do things in your organization. Some of the benefits our systems can give you are: Better customer service, Improved Inventory Costs, Boosted Cash Flow, Cost Savings, Improved inventory planning, Better procurement management, Better customer service, Improved vendor relationship management, Better Data & Cloud Security, Modernized Business Process Standardization, Superior Supply Chain Management, Effective demand forecasting and lean inventory, Reduce production bottlenecks, Transparency through the business and with rapidly updated features.